I lost my combination or key to my padlock – see our LOST KEYS/RESET COMBINATIONS page for help.

Will the lock fit what I need?
Please email us the specifics dimensions of usable space and what product(s) you are considering so we can research it before we get back to you. We can offer our best guess on what will fit your situation, however, we cannot guarantee fit. Please see the ‘returns’ section below.


Can you match my existing key number?
In most cases, if you enter a valid key number in the ‘Previous key number to match’ field, we can match it for you. Matching a key number may add additional shipping times. Also, we can only match keyed-alike or master-keyed numbers. If you originally ordered keyed-different locks, we cannot match them in the future. If you are trying to match a keyed-alike or master-keyed number, you must choose the appropriate keying option when ordering. If you enter an invalid key number or choose an incorrect keying option, we will attempt to contact you via email to resolve this issue. If we cannot get in touch with you via email or phone within a reasonable time frame, your order will be cancelled.


What is the difference between keyed-different, keyed-alike, master-keyed and keyed-alike-master-keyed?
Please see our KEY OPTION CHART page for an explanation of the differences.  


What does “key system” mean?

How do I know what system(s) I have? Key system is the designation from Master Lock that allows for a single common key to open a series of individual locks – one key opens all the locks of a specific system. The key system number is stamped on the key(s) you currently have in use – they are typically designated with a letter followed by two or three numbers and commonly begin with “V” or “F” (e.g., “V123” or “F123”).


What are your shipping times? 
10-15 business days typically. During peak order months (June – September) this delivery time can be longer.  The majority of orders are shipped directly from the manufacturers warehouse. See our SHIPPING & RETURNS page for more details. 


What is your return policy?
For returns or replacements, please see our SHIPPING & RETURNS page.


Are my locks covered by a warranty?

Locker locks are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for five years from the date of purchase. If a mechanical defect occurs within the five year period, Master Lock will replace the lock free of charge. All other locks have a varying warranty period, please inquire via email.  The warranty does not cover locks that have been abused or damaged. 


What if I ordered locks but received no control chart or no keys?

For security reasons, charts and keys are frequently shipped separately from the locks themselves. If you have not received the appropriate charts or keys within five business days of the receipt of your locks please contact NESLCO.


Need a quote for larger quantities or have questions about key options or custom keying?  

Email us at locks@neslco.com or call us at (800) 332-6889.


For other questions not addressed here, please email us at locks@neslco.com


To purchase any of our padlocks, use our on-line purchase system or email us at locks@neslco.com.  We strive for accuracy, but cannot be liable for misprints of specs or prices within these pages. Prices subject to change without notice. By using this site, you also agree to our terms and conditions and privacy statement. Please check this page for any changes to our policy.


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